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Sun, Jan
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How I Hacked my Car Navigation System to Work Without a GPS Antenna | VIDEO


Yeah, right! It sounds pretty neat, isn't it? Well, is it possible that a car navigation system works without a working GPS antenna?

All I can suggest for now is to watch the video and after that you can read the lines below too.

Well, it works. At least it works for me...
But after driving more than one thousand miles (that is at least 1.700 kilometers) I can offer you some more info.
So be aware you might encounter some type of situation. For example, due to some possible miscalculations - remember your car doesn't receive a GPS signal - you might see the little arrow indicating your car position next to the road, but don't be that worried because it snaps back "on the road" a second later. But that is only if the car navigation system "recognizes" the map, the road, meaning the road must be on the map stored on the maps DVD.
Also you really have to consider that when you are on a road that is not on the map the navigation system looses track and you will find yourself in the position to readjust it again as shown in the video above.
Well, that is for now...
That is why I say: if you don't feel comfortable to permanently readjust your car navigations system - to correct your car position - you should have (buy) a working GPS antenna. B-)